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Our Greek workshop this year will be in Messinia, the olive region of Greece with miles of lush, coastal hills peppered with charming villages and historic, often ancient structures.

Dates: TBD (September 2017, exact dates to be confirmed shortly)
Locations: Messinia, Greece
Investment:  €2500EURO

Investment includes all meals, a minimum of 5 professionally styled shoots, all classes, and one-on-one portfolio review. Also lots of treats and fun surprises! You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the workshop meeting point but transportation during the workshop will be provided. You are responsible for your own accommodation but we will provide options for attendees in various price points and encourage communicating with fellow attendees in the Facebook group for sharing.

Check Itinerary


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Get Certified

We’re proud of our long history of preparing Graduates for a professional career in the wedding industry, by offering courses in wedding planning styling and design.

Wedding Academy Live Blog

Learn, Inspire, Educate & Connect

Academy TV

is a series of free-to-air videos produced by the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, for both those looking to get into the wedding and event industry and those already working within it.

International Courses

The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning is the global home of 6 online campuses, each offering, flexible and interactive courses, for passionate individuals wanting a career as Wedding & Event Planners, Stylists and Designers.


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one-on-one mentoring

Exclusive one one one mentoring is designed for photographers who want to improve their artistic skills and take their business to a new level. It consists of a complete  theory session followed by a styled shooting organized specially for you to improve your portfolio and practice lighting techniques and posing.

Also, you will have the opportunity to work with Anna at an actual wedding shooting. You will be able to use all the photos your acquired from the styled shooting and wedding shooting in your portfolio.

Investment 2500 EUR

Some of the topics which will be covered during theory & practice:

Finding your style

Creating a brand with your images (web-site & portfolio)

How to attract the right “clientele”


Rocking social media. How to get published.

Building relationship  with your clients

Using natural light to create fine art images. Techniques.

How to “anti-pose” a couple. Capturing a moment.

Retouching tips

And more


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1-on-1 Mini Mentoring Session


2 hr sit-down Q&A session in the city of your choice.

Session can be scheduled between 9 AM and 7 PM.

Destination bookings must provide a quiet, private location. Travel is additional outside of New York City or Los Angeles.

Product Description

These two hours of undisturbed, private time consists of a question and answer session tailored to your specific needs. Topics can include shooting film, metering and lighting, low light film shooting, wedding photography, family photography, commercial photography, business strategy, branding, pricing, contracts, social media etc. A portion of the time can also be spent on portfolio, website and blog review.  

Attendees are required to prepare their questions and bring their portfolio for review (either digitally or print) as well as their cameras and gear for hands-on instruction. 

Bar Industry Seminar with Monica Berg: “Find your Identity”

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The Bar Testament brings to you Monica Berg for the first time in Thessaloniki, Greece!


Bar Industry Seminar with Monica Berg: “Find your Identity”
Date: Thursday April 6, 2017

Time: 12pm
Location: The Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

Seminar’s Content:

1. “Himkok – Made in Oslo”

The Bar – Aquavit – The science of distillation

2. Food & Cocktail Pairing 

3. Finding new ingredients 

4. P(OUR)

Seminar’s Fee: 60€

For more information and tickets please contact us via email: info@thebartestament.com or phone: +30 2311 221463, +30 6977590306 & +30 6937136937

Sugar flowers creations - Nicky Lamprinou

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Ενα διήμερο σεμινάριο γαμήλιας τούρτας 3 ορόφων (ομοίωμα) με τεχνικές διακόσμησης 
και δημιουργία σύνθεσης λουλουδιών 
Απευθύνεται σε άτομα με εξικείωση στη χρήση ζαχαρόπαστας και προηγούμενη εμπειρία στη διαμόρφωση λουλουδιών.
Θα διδαχτείτε 
Καλύψη τούρτας με επαγγελματικό φινίρισμα και τεχνική sharp edges
Τεχνική Watercolor 
Εφαρμογή λαμπερού χρυσού ( βρώσιμο)
Εφαρμογή φύλλων χρυσού.
ΤΙΜΗ 250 ευρώ

1) 11-12 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ ΩΡΑ 10.00 – 19.00 1 ΘΕΣΗ
2) 29-30 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ ΩΡΑ 10.00 – 19.00
Για κρατήσεις και πληροφορίες στείλτε mail

Stelios Parliaros Seminars

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Ξεκίνησαν τα Μαθήματα Γλυκιάς Αλχημείας του Στέλιου Παρλιάρου. Δηλώστε συμμετοχή!


ΝΕΑ ΔΙΕΥΘΥΝΣΗ ΔΙΕΞΑΓΩΓΗΣ ΣΕΜΙΝΑΡΙΩΝ: Τιμολέοντος Φιλήμονος 13, Αθήνα (Πλησίον στάσης μετρό «ΑΜΠΕΛΟΚΗΠΟΙ»)
Τηλ. Κρατήσεων 210 6464864 09:30 – 16:00
e-mail info@parliaros.gr web www.steliosparliaros.gr

Ωράριο Σεμιναρίων: 16.00 – 19.30
Κόστος ανά σεμινάριο : 75,00 €
Απαραίτητη η προκράτηση & προπληρωμή για τη συμμετοχή

See more


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The Secret Owl is an annual wedding photography workshop for a limited number of attendees. The Secret Owl is a community, a small but substantial society that gradually turns into a “family”. 

  Every year renowned professional guests of honor, will join Sotiris to share their experience and knowledge, to guide and inspire us.

  We wish to share common space and to entirely devote our time to photography away from disruptions. We love the energy and the dynamics of breathing aside like-minded people who are as passionate and in love with photography as we are. 

  We aim to escape everyday life and find ourselves in places where photography is our sole concern and focus (pun intended). We like to sit together at the table, share good food, drinks, stories and insights; we like to dance and to unwind and naturally, to shoot.

  The workshop is addressed to all those who love photography and aspire to take their work to the next level, yet basic photography knowledge is required in order to attend.

When – Where – Investment

  April 06 – April 10, 2017  |    Mykonos, Greece

 Standard price of 1200 euro (1000 euro, for those who book until January 20)  (not including V.A.T.).

​Find out more here


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Workshops are always wonderful to attend. You get to learn things, be inspired and meet other like-minded people. But sometimes you have specific questions, something that might not get answered in a workshop or you don’t feel comfortable talking about with a group of people around you. 

Enter the one:one sessions either via Skype or in person in our studio. Sessions can be in either Dutch or English and they can be focused on the following:
A portfolio and website review & branding advice
How to pose couples naturally
How to start shooting film and incorporate it into your business
How to get published, client care, workflow or anything you’re struggling with. 
I very strongly believe it’s very important to find your own editing style, so that is the one thing I don’t delve deeply into during one:one sessions 🙂

We offer 1 hour, 2 hour and full day sessions, all of which include a 10 minute follow up call on Skype a few weeks after the session so you have the opportunity to ask additional questions that might pop into your head after the session is finished. 
 1 hour sessions are 200 EURO 
2 hour sessions are 350 EURO
 Full day sessions are 800 EURO 
Prices are exclusive of 21% Dutch VAT
I look forward to connecting with you and helping you grow your business and art to the next level! 

E-Guide – Getting Published by Anouschka Rokebrand

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Are you looking at the top blogs like Style me Pretty and Magnolia Rouge and wishing you’d be featured on there?

Are you struggling with creating a strong submission?

Are you unsure of what images and info to include when submitting a shoot?

Do you want to get your work in front of your target bride and the wedding industry?

Are you doubting whether to submit a wedding to a magazine or to a blog?

Do you get to a shoot, knowing you want to get this published, but don’t know what exactly to shoot that’s needed for a submission?