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Anouschka Rokebrand Photography Wedding Photography

Anouschka Rokebrand Photography

Wedding Photographer

Anouschka Rokebrand, from Anouschka Rokebrand Photography

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Anouschka is a fine art photographer with a deep love for creating timeless heirlooms for her couples. She loves weddings that truly reflect the couple. She believes in quality over quantity, in tangible & handmade products, in the beauty in simplicity and loves traveling and learning about other cultures. Her photography style can be described as luminous, timeless and elegant.

She’s fallen in love with California, Arizona, Australia and the South of France. Nothing makes her happier than beautifully styled, outdoor weddings with gorgeous natural light and a couple deeply in love. If there’s also a puppy or horse present, you’ve truly made her day.

Anouschka photographs every wedding with her husband Raymond.

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