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Our goal is to make the biggest selection of destination and local vendors working in wedding & event industry in Greece.

To make destination weddings in Greece a joyful and stress free experience for our brides. And to achieve all this, we need your help.

Are you a vendor, service provider, professional and/or a business owner working with or in the wedding & event industry?

You can be from anywhere in the world, as long as you work or have worked with weddings or events anywhere in Greece.  

This is your chance to sign up for our free Vendor Treasury to get education, find clients, connect with your peers, collect our special badges and promote yourself World Wide.

As a member of our PRO community, you will be able to learn new things, be the first to know about deals and news and have a chance to be published on our blog or even the magazine.


The signup is completely free, but we follow the rule of “first come, first serve”.

This means that the vendors or pros, who’ll sign up first, will be featured on the top of the list in each category.

But don’t worry!

We also have a program for you, if you happened to find out about us later in the game.

If you think it’d be best for you to be on the top of the list no matter what, we can offer you special featured or insiders packages, which will also include advertisement on our social channels, inside our magazine and promotion on international wedding fairs.

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Where can your client reach you? Send us:
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Phone number (do you have Viber or WhatsApp?)
  • Skype (if you have one)
  • Website link
  • Your base (location, the country & city you live and work)
  • Locations in Greece you cover (only Athens, which islands, or maybe whole Greece?)
  • Languages (help clients communicate in their language)
  • What do you do (are you a photographer, planner, florist, venue owner, etc?)
  • Short blurb or text about you and your business (what makes you special, why should the client book you? What is your style of work? Your principles and words you live by. This is your chance to introduce yourself or your company to our readers, your potential clients. Keep it short and to the point. No more than 400 words)
Make user your images are:
  • Good quality in JPG format
  • Professional
  • Size of 300 KB no bigger than 800 KB
  • Dimensions: long side 1000px
  • Max 150dpi
  • No less than 3 and no more than 8 images
  • Your logo in PNG format in good quality – max long side 500px

Did you submit your work yet?

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