Natural Minimalist Elopement On The Island of Naxos

Lovebirds on the tips of Naxos island at their elopement

A Natural Minimalist Elopement can be all you need at this point! For the year 2020, getting wed took a new, unexpected turn, one that does not necessarily mean getting the blues over.

Instead, for the modern, powerhouse brides, it became a time where new ideas and concepts emerged. Versatility, thoughtfulness, and intentionality, from a style and a logistical perspective, came to the front. This period of unpredictability pushed forward for everything deliberate. And off the grid, weddings became the new “It”, not out of necessity but out of sheer invention. This natural minimalist elopement on the island of Naxos is one of them.

And talking about a spectacular location!

For Amelie and Mathew postponing their nuptials for next year was not an option. However, wishing to keep their families and guests safe, the two passionate globetrotters decided to elope at their chosen destination. All this while setting a date for a vow renewal and an actual wedding party a year forward.

From Amelie:

“We wanted to exchange our vows on the exact same date we became a couple. We wished for this particular anniversary to mark a new chapter in our lives together. Therefore getting wed any time different wouldn’t feel the same. We got talking with our wedding planner Marie and decided to only move the party to the next year. Topped with a vow-renewal ceremony for our families and 150 guests. We then planned our vows to each other with ease and just went for it.

Despite having to wait for next year to throw our party, eloping in Naxos for our actual vows on the date set was the best decision we ever made. The feeling of unbridled freedom, the meaningfulness of being together. And still moving towards our goal against all the odds was empowering and utterly romantic. We wouldn’t have it any other way!”

From the planner of Nissos Events:

ÔÇťAmelie and Mathew’s vows took place on the small, idyllic church devoted to Saint John Theologist- known amongst the locals as “the little one”. Perched on the jagged cliffs of the mountain sitting east of Naxos Chora or main town. The church’s largest part is part of a natural granite cave, connected to the famed writer Nikos Kazantzakis who spoke of it in the fondest words: such sweetness in these lands, the quietude, the goodness of its wide-eyed people, such languid bliss in its silence, that if you ever got to walk heaven on earth this is the place to find it.

Drawing upon these words, the couple’s own mantra “always forever together”, and the core enticement that brought Amelie and Mathew to tie the knot at the Cycladic island in the first place, among them spirit, eternity, and earth, we set their minimalist vows in earthy hues, dried and fresh flora. We created calligraphic muslin fabrics for their setting, a nod to what is to arrive in 2021 once their wedding celebration comes full-circle. As Amelie wished to carry the promise on her every step we also crafted a specialty train for her wedding gown, and a soft tie for the couple’s ring-bearer pup, while Moustakis Florals designed a tailored wreath for her hair in perfect accordance with the couple’s minimalist floral vision, that combined elements of air, water, and earth in reeds, agave, limonium, ami and wild dried flowers from Naxos island.

At the end

In conclusion, the stationery created out of velum paper by Ambletters carried the couple’s signature calligraphy. The invitations were decorated with custom granite wax seals to evoke the airy feel of the location and the nod to the wild terrain blending. Much like life’s soft and hard times carve a unique path for love’s journey.

Amelie and Mathew are going to use their elopement images as a preamble to their 2021 wedding celebration on the island of Naxos and we couldn’t be more thankful to their photographer Penelope for giving them something incredible and hopeful to look forward to.”

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List of Credits:

Photography: Penelope Photography

Project & Event Design: Nissos Events

MUA: Despoina Vlasserou

Floral Design: Moustakis Flower Company

Stationary: Ambletters

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