Drunk in Love Under the Empty Skies. A Pre-Wedding Shoot during Social Distancing

Couple Laughing while Drunk in Love Under the Empty Skies

The year of 2020 was difficult on many couples that had to put their dreams on hold! But not all wanted to completely forget about their plans of joint life. Therefore, some decided to use this time to celebrate their love! Drunk in Love Under the Empty Skies

The love that was strengthen during this time of lockdowns and uncertainty. Sokratis and Evagelia are one of those couples who took the opportunity to capture their passionate pre-wedding moments while social distancing.

With the Orient like setup by the beach, this couple opted for the unique photo session to commemorate their true love.

And what more can you wish for than this cosy romantic bohemian picnic on the isolated beach? Topped with fresh fruits and a glass of bubbly to await the sunset together in each other’s arms. Surely, this is what dreams are made of…

Couple feeding each other while Drunk in Love Under the Empty Skies

From the photographer Kaleidoscope of Memories:

We are living in very strange times. The so-called era of social distancing has taken a toll on us while affection can only be expressed as a calculated action.

I consider myself very lucky that my work is mainly about the core of human contact.

Romantic love could not possibly be contained as it is pretty much an antonym for distance. The only distance that could exist for couples in love, is the one they take from the rest of the world. And this is how they allow their dreams to travel. 

Sokratis and Evagelia did just that when they found themselves in the orient scenery.  A shrine of love where he worships her in the reflection of the afternoon sun. And she prays for his arms to remain wrapped around her forever. 

Away from the eastern noisy bazaars and busy alleys, they found an isolated place to get drunk in love under the empty skies. A distant place where they could not get closer to each other.

I wish them, this sense of closeness never wears off and that the only memories related to distance have to do with photos from their escapes.

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Vendor Credits:

Photography: Kaleidoscope of Memories

Event planner & Decor: Event Lab

Handmade macramé: Nirome Macrame

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